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Shay Healy was born in Dublin in 1943. His career has been diverse, since appearing on Radio Eireann reading his own article at the age of fifteen. Healy wrote comedy songs for Billy Connolly. After that he wrote 'Whats Another Year' which won the 1980 Eurovision song contest. Healy moved into musical theatre with mixed success, particularly with the Wireman which ran for six weeks in the Gaeity Theatre. The Stunt is Healy's debut novel, drawing heavily on his knowledge of the music scene in Dublin.

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The Stunt

The Stunt

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Book Review:

A novel of the Dublin music underworld.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Bovtree Paperback 1997 Large Format
Book Weight: 136g
Book Type:
Irish Fiction
ISBN 0862783224

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