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Stephen Lawhead

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Stephen Lawhead was born in Nebraska, USA on July 2, 1950. Stephen Lawhead is an American author known for his fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction novels. Particularly popular are his Pendragon and Dragon King series. The Sword and the Flame is the third book in the Dragon King series.

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The Sword and the Flame

The Sword and the Flame

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Book Review:

The Dragon King`s son has been kidnapped, his most trusted councsellor killed, and the Necromancer Nimrood has returned. Grief-striken and despairing, Quentin faces his severest test. And more than a kingdom hangs in the balance.

Book Condition:
Very Slight wear to covers otherwise Very Good Copy
Vintage Paperback 2003 Reprint
Book Weight: 425g

ISBN 0856488755

Book Type:
Fantasy Fiction Series: Dragon King #3

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