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Terence de vere White

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Terence de vere White was born on April 29,1912 and died on June 17, 1994. He was an author, a lawyer and partner with an established law firm in Ireland, and an editor. He was the father of Dervla Murphy, the renown travel writer. Terence de vere White was Literary edior for the Irish Times from 1961 until 1977.

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My Name is Norval

My Name is Norval

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Book Review:

Miss Kelly was very rich. She entertained, she travelled, she would have liked to be married.She encountered Mr Robinson in a guest house in County Donegal and there was something about him which appealed to Miss Kelly. He told her she reminded him of his mother and the sinister tale of Mr Robinson`s past started to unfold.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Futura Paperback 1978 Reprint
Book Weight: 145g

ISBN 0708829422
Book Type:
Irish Fiction

Terence de vere White Books

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