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Thomas B Costain

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Thomas B Costain was born on May 8, 1885 and died on October 8, 1965. He was a respected historian with an ability to bring history to life in his novels and non fiction books. The Last Plantagenets is the fourth book in his series on English history.

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The Last Plantagenets

The Last Plantagenets

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Book Review:

Thomas B Costain The Last Plantagenets The fourth book in this magnificent survey of English history ranges over the century from 1377 to 1485 when civil war ravaged the country, when rebellious peasants marched on London, and wandering preachers sowed the seed of religious dissent.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers + browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Tanden Paperback 1977
Book Weight: 367g

ISBN 0426123433

Book Type:
Non Fiction: History

Thomas B Costain Books

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