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Ursula Doyle was Deputy Editor for Picador until 2008. Ursula Doyle has had success publishing the likes of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bonesand Dave Eggers's memoir A Heartbreaking Work of .Staggering Genius. Ursula was born in 1967 and she lives in London, with access to her offices around the corner from Fleet Street. Little Brown have named the new venture in publishing, Fleet, and Ursula has said that she was inspired by the history of print in that area. She has previously worked for Picador, Virago and Granta

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Love Letters of Great Men

Love Letters of Great Men

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Book Review:

From King Henry V111(to Anne Bolyn) to G.K.Chesterton(to Francs Blogg), this book contains some of the most romantic letters sent to a loved one by men of great renown.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Pan Paperback 2008
Book Weight: 150g


Book Type:
Correspondence, Romance

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