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Vitus B Droscher

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Vitus B Droscher was born on October 15, 1925 in Leipzig in Germany and died on November 9, 2010. Droscher studied zoology and psychology and made many trips to faraway places to study animal behaviour in the wild. Magic of the Senses reveals very many of his discoveries throughout his career.

Vitus B Droscher Books

Magic of the Senses

Magic of the Senses

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A dog`s sense of smell is one million times more sensitive than a man`s. The sonar equipment of bats and moths makes man`s most accurate scientific equipment look primitive. These and many more startling animal facts are featured here. This book features facts about wild animals that will startle you.

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Some wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Panther Paperback 1971 Reprint
BookO Weight: 230g

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Vitus B Droscher Books

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