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William Manchester was born on April 1, 1922 and died on June 1, 2004. Manchester was an author and historian. After John F Kennedy had been killed the Kennedy commissioned William Manchester to write a book about the assassination. The Death of a President A World Lit Only By Fire is about the collapse of the Dark Ages, and shows Manchester's depth of creativity and compassion in his writing.

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A World Lit Only By Fire

A World Lit Only By Fire

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Book Review:

One of the greatest stories in the history of man is the collapse of the Dark Ages: the deadened and superstitious medieval mind dragged into the light of the Renaissance, and the magnificent achievements that followed. William Manchester brings his extraordinary gift as historian and biographer recreating a picture of a world in its infancy.

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Some wear to covers othrwise Good Copy
Papermac Paperback 1994 Reprint
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ISBN 0333613473

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