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Rogue Ship

A E Van Vogt

Picture of A E Van Vogt A E Van Vogt was born Alfred Elton Van Vogt on April 26, 1912 and died on January 26, 2000.

Van Vogt was born in Edinburgh in Canada but the family moved around a lot from the time he was four years old.

His first science fiction story, 'The Black Destroyer', was published in the July, 1939 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, a monthly pulp magazine edited by John W Campbell.

Van Vogt wrote about very large knowledge systems, totalitarian police states, and monarchy.

His research was exhaustive. To write 'The Violent Man', a book about China, he read 100 books about China.

Rogue Ship concerns the problems a large ship incurs when people are confined for long periods of time.

A E Van Vogt Rogue Ship

Picture of Rogue Ship Cover Book Review:

A mighty space cruiser coasts through the dreadful emptiness of space on its voyage of human survival.
She was crewed by a handpicked team and launched on a one-way trip to the planets clustered around Centaurus.
But what had not been foreseen was the changed that would occur along the way, on mutiny, madness and revolution.

Book Condition:

Some wear to covers and browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Panther Paperback 1980 Reprint
Book Weight: 121g
ISBN 0586042830
Book Type: Science Fiction

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