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Alison Lurie was born on September 3, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lurie is an American author who won the Pulitzer prize in 1985 for Foreign Affairs This was also adapted as a TV movie in 1993 starring Joanne Woodward, Brian Dennehy, and Eric Stoltz. Alison Lurie also has a keen interest in children's books and has published volumes of children's stories.

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Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Picture of Foreign Affairs Book Cover

Book Review:

Virginia Miner is abroad, in London, yet she feels English. She looks down on her tourist compatriots. Desperately lonely though, she hooks up with her collegue, Fred Turner, also American, also lonely.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Vintage Paperback 1998 Reprint
Book Weight: 190g

Book Type:
Fiction Novel
ISBN 0749397934

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