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Andrew Delbanco

Picture of Andrew Delbanco Andrew Delbanco graduated from Harvard University with his BA(1973) and his PHD(1980).

He has received a host of fellowships and is trustee of several organisations such as The Library of America.

Andrew Delbanco was named "America's best social critic" in 2001 by Time Magazine.

Delbanco writes regularly for The New York Review of Books, The New Republic, The New York Times Book Review and other journals.

He has also won the Lionel Trilling Award twice, one of only two people to achieve this accolade, Edward Said being the other double winner.

In Melville: His World and Work Delbanco combines biography with historical discourse and frames Melville in his time perfectly.

Andrew Delbanco Books
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Melville: His World and Work

Andrew Delbanco Melville: His World and Work

Picture of Melville: His World and Work Cover Book Review:

Melville Biography.
Delbanco brings us from the rough early writing of Typee through the optimism of Moby Dick and to his final disillusionment of the later writings.
A trip through Melville books.

About Melville: His World and Work:

  • Genre: Biography of Herman Melville
  • Condition: Very Good in Very Good Dust-wrapper
  • Published by: Picador Hardback 1st Edition
  • Published Date: 2005
  • ISBN 033037107X
  • Book Weight: 795g
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