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Austin Clarke was born on May 9, 1896 and died on March 19, 1974. Clarke was predominately a poet, with some twenty volumes of poetry, but he also produced three novels. Clarke worked in England reviewing books for The Daily News and Reader, The News Chronicle and The Spectator. After he returned to Ireland Clarke revied for The Iish Times and The Irish Press. He also presented a radio poetry programme for the National Radio Broadcaster, RTE.

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Twice Round the Black Church

Twice Round the Black Church

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Book Review:

The author evokes a boyhood spend in the north side of Dublin City in the early part of the century, in the years when Mr. Bloom, the hero of Ulysses, was supposed to be living there. There are also glimpses of Liverpool as seen by a child.

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In Very Good Condition
Moytura Press Paperback Reprint 1990
Book Weight: 250g

ISBN 1871305020

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