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Picture of Bevis Hillier Bevis Hillier is an art historian, a journalist and an author.
He has written books about Art Deco ceramics and art history.

Hillier is also the author of John Betjeman.

This was originally published in three parts but later an abridged single volume was published.

Bevis Hillier was born on March 28, 1940 in Redhill, United Kingdom.

Bevis Hillier John Betjeman

Picture of John Betjeman Cover Book Review:

The definitive authorised biography takes the reader from Betjamin`s troubled childhood through his blossoming at Oxford. Biography.

Book Condition:

Very slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
John Murray Paperback 2007 Reprint
Book Weight: 472g
ISBN 9780719564444
Book Type: Biography of John Betjeman

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