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C J Cherryh is a writer of speculative fiction who does not want to classify herself as science fiction or fantasy or any other box. She prefers her writing to do the classifying. She is the author of nearly 100 books. Many of these are in series such as Tristan, of which Fortress in the Eye of Time is the first novel.

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Fortress in the Eye of Time

Fortress in the Eye of Time

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Book Review:

C J Cherryh Fortress in the Eye of Time
A ruined tower in a vast forest is the haunted home of the world`s last great wizard, Mauryl. Mauryl creates Tristen to right a wrong that spawned a wizard war. But to Mauryl`s dismay Tristen did not turn out as he had planned.. Now Tristen must continue the quest ill prepared.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and 1 page loose. Good Reader
Voyager Paperback 1995
Book Weight: 406g

ISBN 0006482201

Book Type:
Fantasy Fiction Series: Tristan 1

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