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Man in Aspic

Constantine Fitzgibbon

Picture of Constantine Fitzgibbon Constantine Fitzgibbon was born on June 8, 1919 in Lenox, Massachusetts, United States to an Irish father (Commander Francis Lee-Dillon FitzGibbon) and an American mother (Georgette Folsom).

Fitzgibbon wrote extensively for English and Irish newspapers. He also wrote many novels.

Constantine Fitzgibbon was educated in New York, Paris, Munch and Oxford. He was to later gain Irish Citizenship and live in County Dublin.

Man in Aspic

Picture of Man in Aspic Book Cover Book Review:

Constantine Fitzgibbon - Man in Aspic

Fiction, non fiction, poetry and autobiography are blended together to give a picture of society in he fifties and sixties.

Book Condition:

Slight wear to Dustwrapper otherwise Good in Good Dustwrapper
Hart-Davis Hardback 1977 1st Edition
Book Weight: 364g
ISBN 0246109459
Book Type: Constantine Fitzgibbon Autobiography

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