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Gordon Anthony

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Gordon Anthony was born in Wicklow on December 23, 1902. He died on July 21, 1989.
Anthony was renoun for his photographs of ballet dancers and he produced the first book of colour photography in the UK in 1948.
This was called Studies of Dancers. This was followed up in 1952 with a book of photographs of the brilliant Beryl Grey who danced for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Gordon Anthony Books

Beryl Grey

Beryl Grey

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Book Review:

Gordon Anthony Beryl Grey
Gordon Anthony has produced an excellent book of photographs that portray why Beryl Grey was so popular with the audiences at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Book Condition:
Ex Library but in Good Condition despite Library stamp and sticker
Phoenix House Hardback 1952 First Edition
Book Weight: 335g

ISBN n/a

Book Type:
Photography, Ballet, Dancers

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Gordon Anthony Books

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