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Particular Friends

Guy de la Bedoyere

Picture of Guy de la Bedoyere Guy de la Bedoyere is a British historian famous for his appearance on Channel 4's Time Team.

de la Bedoyere has produced a number of other television programmes, including 'The Romans in Britain' for BBC2 and 'Rebuilding the Past' for The Discovery Channel.

de la Bedoyere has also written many books on historical subjects. Particular Friends is the correspondence between Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, two prominent people around London in the 17th century.

Particular Friends

Picture of Particular Friends Cover Book Review:

Guy de la Bedoyere - Particular Friends

The correspondence between these two prominent people of the 17th century London throws light on the circumstances surrounding the plague there.

Book Condition:

Slight wear to covers Good Copy
Boydell Paperback 1997 Large Format
Book Weight: 620g
ISBN 0851156975
Book Type: Correspondence

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