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Jonathan Raban

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Jonathan Raban is a travel writer and author of fiction. His travel writing often takes into account the history of the places he travels to at great length. Old Glory and Coasting are two of his best travel books.

Jonathan Raban Books

Old Glory: A Voyage Down the Mississippi

Coasting: A Private Voyage

Old Glory

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Book Review:

Jonathan fulfilled his ambition by taking to a skiff with an outboard motor and travelling most of the length of the Mississippi. This is what he found.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and browning to pages Reading Copy
Picador Paperback 1986 Reprint
Book Weight: 345g

ISBN 0330292293

Book Type:
Travel Book: USA

Jonathan Raban Books

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Picture of Coasting Book Cover

Book Review:

COASTING is part travel book, part autobiography and part novel. It portrays the author`s experiences in England and himself.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and folding to some pages. Browning to edges otherwise Good Reader
Picador Paperback 1986
Book Weight:238g

ISBN 0330299778

Book Type:
Travel Book: England

Jonathan Raban Books

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