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Colours in the Steel

K J Parker

Picture of K J Parker K J Parker, thriller author was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, on October 9, 1942 and died on October 30, in 2013 in New York, USA.

Palmer was 71 years old when he suffered a heart attack and a stroke, from which he did not recover.

Palmer wrote 22 novels, all of which had a medical theme as he drew from his medical practice and studies for inspiration.

Colours in the Steel is about a doctor who prescribes medicine that he shouldn't.

K J Parker Colours in the Steel

Picture of Colours in the Steel Cover Book Review:

Perimadeia: the famed Triple City and the mercantile capitol of the known world.

Behind its allegedly impregnable walls, everything is available.

Including information which will allow its enemies to plan one of the most remarkable sieges of all time.

About Colours in the Steel:

  • Genre: Fantasy Series, Fencer #1
  • Condition: Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
  • Published by: Orbit Paperback Reprint
  • Published Date: 1999
  • ISBN: 1857236106
  • Book Weight: 262g

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