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Lisabeth Shatner

Lisabeth Shatner is an American actor and an author who was born in West Hollywood, California, United States on June 6, 1961.

She is the daughter of William Shatner of Star trek fame.
This is how she came up with this fascination collection of photos and articles.

Lisabeth Shatner Books
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Captain's Log

Lisabeth Shatner Captain's Log

Picture of Captain's Log Cover Book Review:

16 Pages of fabulous, behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with the original and new cast members.
Told by his daughter Lisabeth, who witnessed each exciting development as it unfolded.

About Captain's Log:

  • Genre: Science Fiction, Lisabeth Shatner Memoir
  • Condition: Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
  • Published by: Titan Paperback
  • Published Date: 1989
  • ISBN 1852862556
  • Book Weight: 200g
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Lisabeth Shatner Books

About Lisabeth Shatner