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Picture of Margaret-Peterson-Haddix Margaret Peterson Haddix was born on April 9, 1964 in Washington Court House, Ohio, USA.

She graduated from Miami University in Ohio with degrees in English journalism, English Creative Writing and History.

Haddix is a prolific writer who specialises in children's books, catering for the young adult genre.

Turnabout is an imaginative novel about a turnabout in people's fortunes.


Picture of Turnabout Cover Book Review:

Margaret Peterson Haddix - Turnabout

Melly and Anny Beth join the Project Turnabout as they are getting old and would like another chance at life.
But when they hear that a further shot is fatal they go on the run. They are getting younger all the time and now they wonder if they will die in infancy.

Book Condition:

Browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Red Fox Paperback 2002 Reprint
Book Weight: 185g
ISBN 0099427087
Book Type: Children's Fiction

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