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Michael McIntyre

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Michael McIntyre was born in London on February 21, 1976. Michael McIntyre is arguably one of the best known comedians on the circuit today. In 2012 McIntyre was the hghest grossing comedian in the world. He has his own BBC 1 TV Show, Michael McIntyre's Big Show. He hosted three seasons of Live at the Apollo. Life and Laughing is the stor of his life in his own words.

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Life and Laughing

Life and Laughing

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Book Review:

This is the story of Michael McIntyre's rise from selling one ticket at the Edinburgh Festival to selling half a million tickets for his last tour.

Book Condition:
Good Clean Copy
Penguin Paperback 2010
Book Weight: 310g

ISBN 9780141045672

Book Type:
Autobiography / Humour

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