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Mikal Gilmore was born on February 9, 1951. He is the elder brother of Gary Gilmore, who came to fame when he demanded to be put to death for his crimes. Gary's story was made very public by the attentions of Norman Mailer in his biopic The Executioner's Song. Mikal Gilmore published Shot in the Heart which gave a different perspective on the lives of the Gilmore family. Mikal Gilmore won the National Book Cricits Circle Award for Shot in the Heart.

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Shot in the Heart

Shot in the Heart

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Book Review:

This is the story behind the story of Gary Gilmore. This one tells you more than the Norman Mailer classic Executioner's Song.

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Very Good in Very Good Dw
Viking Hardback 1994 1st Edition
Book Weight: 758g

ISBN 0670843040

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