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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Paul Alexander

Picture of Paul Alexander Paul Alexander edited Ariel Ascending, a book about Sylvia Plath.
This encouraged him to write his own book about her, Rough Magic.

Alexander continued his writing career with articles on Andy Warhol in The Village Voice and New York and this culminated in his book on Warhol "Death and Disaster: The Rise of Warhol's Empire and the Race for Andy's Millions."

A biography of James Dean, Boulevard of Broken Dreams was published in 1994 and became a top seller in the US.

Alexander wrote three political books on John Kerry, John McCain and Carl Rove.

His journalism has appeared in numerous publications from the New Yorker to the Guardian.

He has also had a career in broadcasting.

Paul Alexander Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Picture of Boulevard of Broken Dreams Cover Book Review:

No more than a promising actor with a handful of films to his name when he died in 1955,
James Dean has since been elevated to an iconic status surpassed only by Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.
This book draws on new and documented sources to reveal the truth behind the myths.

About Boulevard of Broken Dreams:

  • Genre: Biography of James Dean
  • Condition: Slight wear to covers otherwise Very Good Copy
  • Published by: Warner Bros Paperback Reprint
  • Published Date: 1995
  • ISBN: 0751512826
  • Book Weight: 260g

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