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Peter F Hamilton was born in Rutland in 1960. Hamilton took up writing in 1987 and sold his first story to Fear magazine in 1988. This was after being keen on science in school, but not interested in literature. Hamilton drew attention with the Greg Mandel Trilogy, a series set in near-future Britain after the collapse of society and the attempt to revive culture through technology. The Night's Dawn Trilogy, of which The Reality Dysfunction is the first volume increased his stature in the science fiction genre.

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The Reality Dysfunction

The Reality Dysfunction

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Book Review:

In the year 2600 humans havew reached the zenith of their capabilities. The boundaries of science and nature have been pushed far beyond what was accepted as their limits. Peace reigns at last. But there is a problem, a problem so dangerous that it is not spoken of. But it won't go away.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers othrewise Good Copy
Pan Paperback 1997 Reprint
Book Weight: 669g

Book Type:
Science Fiction Series: Night's Dawn #1
ISBN 0330340328

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