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Comrade Rockstar

Reggie Nadelson

Picture of Reggie-Nadelson Reggie Nadelson is an American author of crime novels and is known mainly for her Artie Cohen series of books.

Artie Cohen is a New York cop who was born in Russia.

Nadelson's interest in Russia was extended by her biography of Dean Reed, Comrade Rockstar a phenomenon in Russia but unknown in the West.

Comrade Rockstar

Picture of Comrade Rockstar Book Cover Book Review:

Reggie-Nadelson - Comrade Rockstar

Dean Reed was to The Soviet Union what Elvis Presley was to the West.
He drew huge crowds to his concerts and sold millions of albums.
Yet he was found dead in a lake in East Berlin.
Reggie Nadelson uncovers the life and the myth of a superstar who was virtually unknown in the West.

Book Condition:

Slight warp and crease to Dust Wrapper Otherwise Very Good Condition
Chatto & Windus Hardback 1991 First Edition
Book Weight: 540g
ISBN 0701134720
Book Type: Music Book, Biography


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