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Robert Richardson

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Robert Richardson has worked as a journalist for the Observer, The Times, the Daily Mail and the Press Association. He is the author of the Augustus Maltravers series of crime novels. Significant Others is a stand alone psychological crime novel about a journalist who becomes the headline story in her newspaper for all the wrong reasons.

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Significant Others

Significant Others

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Book Review:

Katrina is a journalist with a particular following. She could cut you with a glance or a word. But then, she is gone. Where, nobody knows. An investigation happens, but is inconclusive. The remnants of her life are dragged over in the hopr of finding a suspect. But there is none.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Victor Gollancz Hardback 1995
Book Weight: 465g

Book Type:
Crime Fiction Novel
ISBN 0575061812

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