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Picture of Stella Duffy Stella Duffy was born in Woolwich, London on March 2, 1963

When she was five her family moved to New Zealand and she was to return to the UK after studying English Literature at the Victoria University in Wellington.

Stella Duffy has published many novels and short stories. She completed a novel, 'Money in the Morgue', which had been abandoned by Ngaio Marsh.

Parallel Lies was published in 2005.

Parallel Lies

Picture of Parallel Lies Book Cover Book Review:

Stella Duffy - Parallel Lies

A mixture of crime story and romance this book will mesmerise you and intrigue you at the same time.
Movie legend, Yana Ivanova, is living an idyllic life.
She is rich and famous and lives with her lover and her British PA.
This was until she started to receive threatening letters. these letters were to lead to what?

Book Condition:

Very Good Copy
Virago Hardback 2005
Book Weight: 350g
Book Type: Fiction Novel
ISBN 1844080242

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