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Sky Burial

Xue Xinran

Picture of Xue Xinran Xue Xinran was born in Beijing, China, in 1958.

She is a British-Chinese journalist, author and an advocate for women's issues.

Xinran writes extensively on women's issues throughout her writing and journalist career.

Sky Burial is Xinran's second book, about a soldier who is sent to Tibet to help unify the two cultures just months after his wedding.

Xue Xinran Sky Burial

Picture of Sky Burial Cover Book Review:

There is a rumour of a 'Sky Burial', where a soldier was brutally fed to the vultures.
Xinran was fascinated by this story and more so when she met Shu Vven, a woman who had spent thirty years in the wildest part of Tibet, searching for her missing husband.

Book Condition:

Some wear to covers and blotching to some pages Good Reading Copy
Vintage Paperback 2005
Book Weight: 180g
ISBN 0099461935
Book Type: Biography

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