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Alejo Carpentier

Picture of Alejo Carpentier Alejo Carpentier(December 26, 1904 - April 24, 1980)

Alejo Carpentier was a Cuban novelist, playwright, essayist, short story writer and a great lover of music and dance.

Although his father was French and his mother was Russian, he was taken to Cuba when he was a child.

There, he thrived and gained a very good education in a private school.

Carpentier was always creative and was interested in what he perceived as the 'fantastic'.

The Lost Steps is an account of a man in search of the meaning of life.
Among his many other works he wrote about the music of Cuba, in which he was an expert.

He was interested in the politics of Cuba and was jailed and exiled for his political stance against tyrannical regimes there.

Alejo Carpentier Books
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The Lost Steps

Alejo Carpentier The Lost Steps

Picture of The Lost Steps Book Cover Book Review:

A successful composer leaves the comfort of his affluent life in search of musical instruments in the jungles of Latin America.
While there he falls ill and his recovery brings him closer to nature and alienates him from the civilisation which brought him so much success.

About The Lost Steps:

  • Genre: Fiction Novel
  • Condition: Inscription inside cover and browning to edges otherwise Good Reading Copy
  • Published by: Penguin Modern Classics Paperback Reprint
  • Published Date: 1968
  • ISBN: None
  • Book Weight: 190g
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Alejo Carpentier Books

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