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Benjamin R Barber

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Benjamin R Barber is the Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University. and the director of the Walt Whitman Centre for the Culture and Politics of Democracy. Barber collabborated on the successful book and TV series, The Struggle for Democracy. Jihad vs McWorld was originally published in 1995, but this new version has a new Introduction and a new Preface.

Benjamin R Barber Books

Jihad vs. McWorld

Jihad vs. McWorld

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Book Review:

Benjamin R Barber Jihad vs. McWorld
This is a sociological study of our planet, the people who live on it.
On one side is capitalism, which is driving the world to become one big marketplace.
On the other side there are the religious fundamentalists, who are resisting these changes and hark back to an earleir time.
Two diametrically opposed forces of will, neither willing to give an inch.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Corgi Paperback 2003
Book Weight: 410g

ISBN 0552151297

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Benjamin R Barber Books

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