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On this page you will read about authors of books on politics by people with an array of political persuasions. They argue their point eloquently and with conviction. Their points and their reasoning and their methods might differ, but their honesty cannot be called into question.

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Picture of Said K AburishPicture of Arafat Book Cover

Said K. Aburish was born on May 01, 1935 in Al-Eizariya, and died on August 29, 2012 also in Al-Eizariya.
Aburish was a Palestinian journalist and writer who wrote about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Arafat is his account of Yasser Arafat.

Picture of Benjamin R BarberPicture of Jihad vs. McWorld Book Cover

Benjamin R Barber is the Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University and the director of the Walt Whitman Centre for the Culture and Politics of Democracy. Barber collaborated on the successful book and TV series, The Struggle for Democracy.

Picture of Noel BrownePicture of Against the Tide Book Cover

Noel Browne has been a controversial figure in Irish politics. Not afraid to stand up and be counted he faced opposition from without and within. Yet he remained steadfast to his principles. Principles which were not steeped in discipline but, were focused on the betterment of the people he represented.

Picture of Jimmy CarterPicture of We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land Book Cover

Jimmy Carter has achieved many things since his departure from the Presidency of the USA. He set up the Carter Centre in 1982 to promote human rights. Jimmy Carter has travelled extensively in support of human rights and in assisting the eradication of disease in underdeveloped countries.

Picture of Noam ChomskyPicture of Hegemony or Survival Book Cover

Noam Chomsky is among other things, a political commentator, a social justice activist. a linguist, a philosopher and a cognitive scientist. Chomsky was deeply opposed to American involvement in the Vietnam War and he was arrested on a number of occasions for his activities.

Picture of James ConnollyPicture of On Wages Marriage and the Church Book Cover

James Connolly was born in Edinburgh on June 5, 1868 to Irish parents. He died on May 12, 1916. Connolly was shot by the British because of his leadership role in the 1916 Easter Rising. Connolly was politically active in a struggle to gain rights for workers not just in Ireland, but in Scotland and the United States. His focus was on Ireland.

Picture of Robin CookPicture of Point of Departure Book Cover

Robin Cook was Foreign Secretary in the English Government from 1997 until 2001. Robin Cook resigned from the Cabinet in protest at the invasion of Iraq.

Picture of Anna CootePicture of Beatrix CampbellPicture of Sweet Freedom Book Cover

Anna Coote and Beatrix Campbell. Anna Coote is head of social policy for Nef - the New Economics Foundation Beatrix Campbell was born in February 1947 in Carlisle, England. Campbell has been a tireless campaigner for Women's issues and received an OBE in 2009 for her efforts in equality.

Picture of Susan FaludiPicture of Stiffed Book Cover

Susan Faludi is an American author, journalist and a humanist. Faludi was born on April 18, 1959.
She has won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in 1991 for a report on the human costs of high finance.
Faludi argues for the cause of feminism, but not on the basis of excluding men.
Her books, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women and The Terror Dream describe how women are treated unequally, but alongside this her book
Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man argues that most men are treated unfairly and also get a bad deal.


Picture of Susan GeorgePicture of Ill Fares the Land Book Cover

Susan George has been a political and social scientist. She has been the Director of the Transnational Institute whose work is to address the disparities between the rich and the poor peoples of the world. To investigate the causes of the disparity and to develop programmes for their remedy.

Picture of Stephen KnightPicture of The Brotherhood Book Cover

Stephen Knight was an author and journalist who published books about Freemasonry, including The Brotherhood and Jack the Ripper. In the latter he accused the Freemasons and the Royal Family of collusion in the crimes.
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Picture of Antjie KrogPicture of Country of My Skull Book Cover

Antjie Krog was born in Kroonstadt in Orange Free State, South October 1952. She has long been opposed to the apartheid system of her fellow Afrikaans. Antjie caused some controversy with a poem she wrote for her school.

Picture of C Wright MillsPicture of Power Politics & People Book Cover

C Wright Mills was a Professor of Sociology for more than a decade in the build up to the 1960's.

Picture of Michael MoorePicture of Stupid White Men Book Cover

Michael Moore produces controversial filmm documentaries and books. His Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest ever grossing documentary film at the American box-office. Moore famously rallies against the Iraq War, Globalisation, Capitalism amongst other protests.

Picture of Conor Cruise O'BrienPicture of The Suspecting Glance Book Cover

Conor Cruise O'Brien was an Irish politician (Minister for Posts and Telegraphs 1973 - 1977), an author and an academic.

Picture of John PilgerPicture of A Secret Country Book Cover

John Pilger is an Australian journalist, film-maker and author who has taken a stance against British, American and Australian foreign policy. He also makes films about Australia's indigenous people and their treatment.

Picture of Ivor RichardPicture of Damien WelfarePicture of Unfinished Business Book Cover

Ivor Richard and Damien Welfare are two parliamentarians who have devoted their efforts to reforming the House of Lords to make it more democratic and more representative of the public interest.

Picture of Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs is an American economist and promoter of the cause of removing poverty in the world. Jeffrey Sachs is one of the world's leading experts on economic development and he sees poverty as a hinderance to economic development.

Picture of Anthony SampsonPicture of The Arms Bazaar Book Cover

Anthony Sampson was an author and journalist who published many books on Britain. He also wrote about the oil industry and the Airline from a political standpoint.

Picture of Viscount SimonPicture of Retrospect Book Cover

Viscount Simon was very prominent in English politics for most of the first half of the twentieth century.

Picture of C J StonePicture of Fierce Dancing Book Cover

C J Stone was born on June 16, 1953 in Whitstable, England to Mary and Eddy Stone.

Eddy was an electrician and Mary was a hairdresser. After his time at Sheldon Health Comprehensive School in Birmingham Christopher went to Cardiff University where he studied English Literature.

He dropped out for many years, only completing his degree in Bristol Polytechnic in 1984. C J Stone then became a full-time political agitator involving himself with the Miner's Strike, the Poll Tax protests and the Criminal Justice Act among other protests.

He was the author of the column the Housing Benefit Hill which appeared in the Guardian Weekend magazine and described living on council housing estates throughout Britain. His influences were the people that he knew and their experiences.

This column went for three years and buoyed him to publish his first book, Fierce Dancing.


Picture of George Thomas

George Thomas was Speaker of the House in the House of Commons from 1974-1976. These were very turbulent years which saw the Labour Party lose power and both the Labour Party and the Liberals lose their leaders. Thomas was born in Port Talbot, Wales in 1909. He was Secretary of State for Wales from 1968-70. He also oversaw the first broadcasting on television of parliamentary proceedings.

Picture of E P Thompson

E P Thompson was a historian, a writer and a peace campaigner. He was born on February 3, 1924 in Oxford in England and died on August 28, 1993, in Worcester, England. Thompson was a political activist, engaging himself in the antinuclear movement and siding with the downtrodden to resist the power of the mighty. In Star Wars E P Thompson dissects the arguments for the Star Wars proposals which Ronald Reagan was supporting.

Picture of Hunter S ThompsonPicture of Songs of the Doomed Book Cover

Hunter S Thompson was an author and journalist. Thompson developed a style of journalism called 'gonzo journalism in which the journalist became so involved in the story that he became the centre figure of the story.