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Mr Speaker

George Thomas

Picture of George Thomas George Thomas was Speaker of the House in the House of Commons from 1974-1976.

These were very turbulent years which saw the Labour Party lose power and both the Labour Party and the Liberals lose their leaders.

Thomas was born in Port Talbot, Wales in 1909. He was Secretary of State for Wales from 1968-70.

He also oversaw the first broadcasting on television of parliamentary proceedings.

George Thomas retired from politics as Viscount Tonypandy in 1983.

Mr Speaker is his published memoir.

George Thomas Mr Speaker

Picture of Mr Speaker Book Cover Book Review:

George Thomas became Speaker of the House and performed his duties in exemplary fashion during some very turbulent times.
The reins of power were handed over during his stay. These are his memoirs.

Book Condition:

In Very Good Condition
Century Hardback 1985 First Edition
Book Weight: 610g
Book Type: Politics


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