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The Suspecting Glance

Conor Cruise O'Brien

Picture of Conor Cruise O'Brien Conor Cruise O'Brien was an Irish politician (Minister for Posts and Telegraphs 1973 - 1977), an author and an academic.

O'Brien was born on November 3, 1917 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and died on December 8, 2008 in Howth, Co Dublin.

The Suspecting Glance is a series of lectures given by Conor Cruise O'Brien on politics of Machiavelli, Edmund Burke, Friedreich Nietzsche and W B Yeats.

Conor Cruise O'Brien The Suspecting Glance

Picture of The Suspecting Glance Book Cover Book Review:

This book comprises the T S Eliot Memorial Lectures given by Conor Cruise O'Brien at Eliot College in the University of Kent at Canterbury in November, 1969.

Book Condition:

In Good Condition
Faber & Faber Hardback 1972 First Edition
Book Weight: 260g
ISBN 0571095437
Book Type: Politics, Philosophy

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