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Picture of Pascal Book Cover
Jacques Chevalier book of lectures "Pascal"

Picture of Sonas Book Cover
Catherine Conlon book "Sonas - Celtic Thoughts on Happiness"

Picture of Sartre Book Cover
Arthur C Danto book "Sartre"

Picture of Awareness Book Cover
Anthony de Mello book "Awareness"

Picture of Misfortunes of Virtue Book Cover
Marquis de Sade book "Misfortunes of Virtue"

Picture of The Aristos by John Fowles Book Cover
John Fowles book "The Aristos"

Picture of Tibetan Bood of the Dead Book Cover
Francesca Fremantle book "Tibetan Book of the Dead"

Picture of To Have or To Be Book Cover
Erich Fromm book "To Have or To Be"

Picture of From Beginning to End Book Cover
Robert Fulghum book "From Beginning to End"

Picture of Jean-Paul Sartre: His Philosophy Book Cover
Rene Lafarge book "Jean-Paul Sartre: His Philosophy"

Picture of An Introduction to Ethics Book Cover
William Lillie book "An Introduction to Ethics"

Picture of German Men of Letters Book Cover
Alex Natan book "German Men of Letters"

Picture of Beyond Good and Evil Book Cover
Friedrich Nietzsche book "Beyond Good and Evil"

Picture of The Suspecting Glance Book Cover
Conor Cruise O'Brien book "The Suspecting Glance"

Picture of One Hundred Pages For The Future Book Cover
Aurelio Peccei book "One Hundred Pages For The Future"

Picture of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Book Cover
Robert M Pirsig book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

Picture of Works of Rabelais Vol 3 Book Cover
Francis Rabelais book "Works of Rabelais Vol 3"

Picture of Art of War Book Cover
Sun Tzu book "Art of War"

Picture of Eye to Eye Book Cover
Ken Wilber book "Eye to Eye"