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Ewing C Stevens

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Ewing C Stevens has had a background in health from his early days as a pharmacy apprentice in in Invercargill. He contracted TB and spent five years in recovery. He then trained as a TB Nurse. After further training for the ministry in the Preesbyterian Church he was asked to front Radio Pacific's HELP-LINE show. With this experience he went on to work on a number of radio stations. His Phone People has become iconic.

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The Best of Remedies

The Best of Remedies

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Book Review:

This is the story of Ewing C Steven's journey to be a health worker and radio show host, displaying his compassion for the needy.

Book Condition:
In Good Condition
Logos House Publishers Paperback 2005
Book Weight: 245g
Book Type:
Health Book Series: Ewing's Phone People
ISBN 0958336024


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