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Gerald Davies

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Gerald Davies

Gerald Davies is a Welsh formy rugby union player who played international rugby for Wales from 1966 to 1978. He played 46 games for Wales, winning 29 of them. He also played for the British Lions 5 times, winning twice. Davies was born on February 7, 1945 in Llansaint, Ferryside, United Kingdom. Davies went to Llansaint, Ferryside, United Kingdom.
History of the Rugby World Cup shows Davies's enthusiasm for the sport of rugby.

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History of the Rugby World Cup

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History of the Rugby World Cup

Book Review:

The Rugby World Cup 2003 in Australia. This book details the players, interviews with the players, a guide to games played after 1987 to 2003.

Book Condition:
Very Good Condition
Sanctuary Paperback 2003
Book Weight: 615g

Book Type:
Sport Book
ISBN 1860744451

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