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Picture of My Favourite Year Book Cover
My Favourite Year by Nick Hornby

Writings on football edited by Nick Hornby. Works include Roddy Doyle, Nick Hornby and many others.


Picture of In Black and White Book Cover
In Black and White by Donald McRae

In 1936 Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic games in Berlin.
Two years later Joe Louis ended white domination in boxing.
Since then these two sportsmen have had uncertain futures.
Donald McRae chronicles their fall from the dizzy heights of stardom through no fault of their own.
Picture of Zen of Muhammad Ali Book Cover
Zen of Muhammad Ali by Davis Miller

The Zen of Muhammad Ali and Other Obsessions tells us of fighting, living, friendship and love.

Bull Fighting

Picture of Bull Fever Book Cover
Bull Fever by Kenneth Tynan

Kenneth Tynan's two compulsions were drama and bullfighting.
In this book Tynan brings to life all the drama and the pathos of the ring.
He doesn't hold back when it comes to death, not just of the bulls but the bullfighters also.
His account of the death of Manuel Rodriguez Manolete is harrowing and complete.


Picture of Games Climbers Play Book Cover
Games Climbers Play by Ken Wilson

With over 100 articles on mountaineering taken from contemporary magazines and journals, this anthology is a must for the climbing enthusiast.


Picture of Cricket Umpiring and Scoring book cover
Cricket Umpiring and Scoring by Tom Smith

This book contains the laws of cricket, updated after a revision in 2000.


Picture of The Damned Utd book cover
The Damned Utd by David Peace

Brian Clough was one of the most controversial of managers, if not the most controversial.
His ability to get the most out of average players astounded even his fiercest critics, and probably his fellow managers.

This novel is centered around his brief stay at Leeds United.
Picture of Fowler My Autobiography book cover
Fowler My Autobiography by Robert Fowler

Robbie looks back at what was, what wasn't and what might have been, as well as looking to the future.


Picture of Ryder Cup Book Cover
The Ryder Cup by Dale-Concannon

This book brings you through the early days of the Ryder Cup with archive photographs.

It features the modern game up to the middle of the last decade with wonderful photographs and accounts of important matches.
Picture of How to Win at Golf Without Actually Playing Well Book Cover

How to Win at Golf Without Actually Playing Well by Jon Winokur

Here is a guide to winning at golf even if you can`t play well, using psychology as your most important tool.

Horse Racing

Picture of Champion's Story Book Cover
Champion's Story by Bob Champion

Bob Champion faced the trauma of discovering he had cancer with courage and honesty.
He fought the disease with the same gusto that he used when riding his many winners on the horse racing track.
This is his story.
Picture of Jonjo Book Cover

Jonjo by Jonjo O'Neill

Jonjo has had mixed fortunes during his illustrious career as a jockey.
He has rode wonderful races but also courted disaster with crippling accidents.
Here is his story.


Picture of History of the Rugby World Cup Book Cover

History of the Rugby World Cup by Gerald Davies

The Rugby World Cup 2003 in Australia.

This book details the players, interviews with the players, a guide to games played after 1987.
Picture of The Autobiography by Martin Johnson Book Cover
The Autobiography by Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson has achieved a great deal in rugby.
He captained England to World Cup victory in 2003, a feat not repeated since.
This is his story.
Picture of Autobiography of J P R Williams Book Cover
Autobiography of J P R Williams

This multi-talented International Rugby player could sing as well as he played.
Now he is a successful doctor who has turned his attention to sporting injuries.


Picture of Anyone Can Run Book Cover
Anyone Can Run by Joan Geraghty

Joan Geraghty started running by practicing on the treadmill in the gym.
She built up her regime to the point where she runs every day.
She has great tips on progressing your running skills in a healthy way.


Picture of The Laser Campaign Manual Book Cover
The Laser Campaign Manual by Ben Ainslie

Here are the secrets that won Ben Ainslie a Gold Medal at the Olympics in words, photo-sequences, video clips and his own commentary.


Picture of Alex Through the Looking Glass Book Cover
Alex Through the Looking Glass by Alex Higgins

Alex Higgins, the phenomenon.

Fiery, charismatic, a time-bomb of nervous energy.
This autobiography takes you through Alex's tempestuous life from his hustling days as a teenager through his time at the peak of his game.


Picture of My Life and Game Book Cover
My Life and Game by Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Born speaks of his tennis game and how it affected his life.

There are also instructions on game play, useful to anybody who wants to improve their game.
Picture of Skills and Tactics of Tennis Book Cover
Skills and Tactics of Tennis by Tony Mottram

With plenty of photographs and diagrams, this book takes you through the various skills you need to become a proficient player of tennis.