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J B Priestley was born in Manningham in Bradford, England in September 1894 He died in August 1984. Priestley left work aged sixteen and found work in a wool firm. He joined the Labour Party and wrote a column for their paper the Bradford Pioneer. He served on the Western Front in the trenches and later in the Battle of Loos. He suffered a gas attack and was deemed unfit for service, transferred to the Entertainers Section of the British Army. Priestley wrote extensively on fiction,literary criticism, drama, social sciences, travel books and autobiography, Margin Released is an autobiographical book with the subtitle, Reminiscences and Reflections.

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Margin Released

Margin Released

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Book Review:

J B Preistly has had a prestigious output of work. Here he describes his craft with adeptness and style.

Book Condition:
Good Condition
Reprint Society Hardback 1963
Book Weight: 290g

Book Type:
Literary Criticism
ISBN 0747240434

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