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John Marco Allegro was born in Balham, London in February 1923. Allegro was an archaeologist and expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls.He wrote books and presented radio programmes on the subject. Allegro became embroiled in controversy as his interpretation of the scrolls did not fall in favour with his colleagues. A Further exasperation came from his publication of 'The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross'. This was a bridge too far as far as his job as professor was concerned. Dead Sea Scrolls - A Reappraisal is an account of Allegro's findings.

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Dead Sea Scrolls - A Reappraisal

Dead Sea Scrolls - A Reappraisal

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Book Review:

In 1947 an Arab shepherd found several ancient scrolls in a cave. They were found to be from around the time of Christ and shed light on Jewish sectarianism of the time.

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Small tear on cover and browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Penguin Paperback 1990 Reprint
Book Weight: 175g

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