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Picture of Dead Sea Scrolls A Reappraisal Book Cover

Dead Sea Scrolls - A Reappraisal

In 1947 an Arab shepherd found several ancient scrolls in a cave. They were found to be from around the time of Christ and shed light on Jewish sectarianism of the time.

Picture of J M Allegro
J M Allegro Books

Picture of Elixir and the Stone Book Cover

The Elixir and the Stone

After three thousand years of civilisation, are we at last ready to accept a new way of looking at the world?

Picture of Michael BaigentPicture of Richard Leigh
Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh Books

Picture of The Pilgrim's Progress Book Cover

The Pilgrim's Progress

Bunyan's story of a man, and his family's journey to the Celestial City.

Picture of John Bunyan
John Bunyan Books

Picture of Orthodoxy Book Cover


G K Chesterton writes in his inimitable way about his philosophy of life.

Picture of G K Chesterton
G K Chesterton Books

Picture of The Future of Man Book Cover

The Future of Man

De Chardin's reflections on life, humanity and our place in the scheme of things

Picture of Teilhard de Chardin
Teilhard de Chardin Books

Picture of Prayers For Pagans and Hypocrites Book Cover

Prayers For Pagans and Hypocrites

Peter de Rosa has written a prayer book for people who are not "Holy Joe's"

Picture of Peter de Rosa
Peter de Rosa Books

Picture of Mister God This is Anna Book Cover

Mister God This is Anna

An illustrated story of a child having been abandoned in London as a five-year old. She is found by a teenager and taken under his wing and brought up as his own.

Fynn Books

Picture of Bloodline of the Holy Grai
 Book Cover

Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Did Jesus marry and have children? If so, what happened to his family? Are descendants of his still alive?

Picture of Laurence Gardner
Laurence Gardner Books

Picture of The Sign and the Seal Book Cover

The Sign and the Seal

This book purports to have revealed the exact location of the Ark of the Covenant. Find out.

Picture of Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock Books

Picture of Bread in the Wilderness Book Cover

Bread in the Wilderness

Merton's thoughts and meditations on the Psalms.

Picture of Thomas Merton
Thomas Merton Books

Picture of It's Your Time Book Cover

It's Your Time

Joel Osteen offers message of faith, hope and strength to help you to rise above any circumstance.

Picture of Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen Books

Picture of The Power of Positive Living Book Cover

The Power of Positive Living

Merton's thoughts and meditations on the Psalms.

Picture of Norman Vincent Peale
Norman Vincent Peale Books

Picture of Denial of the Soul Book Cover

Denial of the Soul

Through exploration into the issue of euthanasia, M Scott Peck asks the questions we should all ask ourselves.

Picture of M Scott Peck
M Scott Peck Books

Picture of Act of God Book Cover

Act of God

Graham Phillips attempts to uncover some of the secrets hidden in an Egyptian tomb. These secrets could blow the lid on our perception of history as we know it.

Picture of Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips Books

Picture of The Secret History of Lucifer Book Cover

The Secret History of Lucifer

Lynn Picknett reveals the true origins of Lucifer. To Lynn Lucifer is not the devil as he is often portrayed, but "the light bringer."

Picture of Lynn PicknettPicture of Clive Prince
Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince Books

Picture of Story of a City Arab Book Cover

Story of a City Arab

This book was serialised in the magazine Sunday at Home in the 1850`s and was one of the first of its kind by a `name` author.

George E Sargent Books

Picture of Holy Faces, Secret Places Book Cover

Holy Faces, Secret Places

Facial impressions on cloth reminiscent of the Turin Shroud. Who are they? And why is there so much secrecy surrounding them?

Ian Wilson Books

Picture of In God's Name Book Cover

In God's Name

Pope John Paul 1, Albino Luciani, known as the smiling Pope, died only thirty-three days after his election. David Yallop began his investigations into this death at the request of certain individuals who were disturbed by a cover up of the true circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Pope`s body. It was his conviction that murder was the fate of Albino Luciani and he presents his evidence in this enthralling book.

Picture of David Yallop
David Yallop Books