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Jimmy Carter has achieved many things since his departure from the Presidency of the USA. He set up the Carter Centre in 1982 to promote human rights. Jimmy Carter has travelled extensively in support of human rights and in assisting the eradication of disease in underdeveloped countries. He is critical of Israel's response to insurrection in Palestine. While supportive of President Obama, Jimmy Carter is critical of Obama's condonance of the use of drones and the non-closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land is Jimmy Carter's blueprint for a solution to the troubles in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter has proven that there is life after the White House, besides after-dinner speeches.

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We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land


We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land

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Book Review:

From Jimmy Carter's extensive work in the field and from his enquiring mind and honest and positive outlook on life, Jimmy Carter has produced a practical and common-sense argument for peace. There are no slogans, no calls for rallies, just practical solutions that bring people together in a common cause, peace.

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Simon & Schuster Hardback 2009 First Edition
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ISBN 9781439140635

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