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Keith Charles

Picture of Keith CharlesKeith Charles served as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police.
While there, Keith claims that he solved many crimes using his psychic powers. and he is still called in to help with cases.
Keith has conducted psychic readings for the likes of William Roach(Coronation Street).
He also has admireres in the shape of Glen Hoddle and many more.
Psychic Detective is Keith Charles's record of his using his psychic ability to solve crimes.

Keith Charles Books

Psychic Detective

Psychic Detective

Picture of Psychic Detective Book Cover Book Review:
Keith Charles Psychic Detective
Keith Charles, as Keith Wright, was a serving officer in the C.I.D. of London's Metropolitan police. Whilst there he used his 'psychic powers' to assist him in solving crimes which he would not hitherto have been able to solve. This is his claim in this book

Book Condition:
Some creasing and wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
John Blake Paperback 2000
Book Weight: 250g

ISBN 1857823796

Book Type:
Unexplained Phenomenon

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Keith Charles Books

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