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Life is strange at the best of times. Things happen which jar you for a moment.

You put them out of your mind. You tell yourself that you must be tired and that you imagined it.
But did you? When you think you have experienced something before, have you?

There is a vast array of testimonials that go some way to indicate that life here is not always as mundane as we perceive it to be.

Many of these testimonials have been explained as tricks of light, or other such anomalies but not everything can be written off quite so easily.

Paranormal Activity

Picture of Psychic Detective book cover The Paranormal has been around for as long as people can remember. Psychic abilities have been claimed for hundreds of years.

Women were burnt as witches because they displayed abilities or features that were different to the norm.

Some study has been conducted by some Universities and Colleges.
But pinning down the Paranormal in a scientific way is still a long way off, much less seeing it accepted as credible.

Keith Charles, in his book Psychic Detective claims to have used his powers to solve crimes that would not have been solved at all.

Extra Terrestrial

Picture of Alien Liaison book cover There are many books and websites dedicated to the subject of Extra-terrestrials.

From the movie "E.T." to the investigations by NASA, there is a wealth of material out there. Everyone has an opinion but nobody really knows.

Many, many sightings have been proven to be misunderstood phenomena or plain simple hoaxes.
But there is significant work being carried out by organisations such as S.E.T.I.(Search For Extra-terrestrial Intelligence)
While these searches far out into space have been going on, there have been claims of meetings and abductions here on earth.

Timothy Good tells of such visitations from outer space.

Other Unexplained Phenomenon

Picture of Premonitions book cover More than two hundred people had premonitions of the avalanche of slag that took the lives of 144 people in Aberfan in 1966.

Fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic a novelist told the story in almost perfect detail.
He called the ship the Titan. These and more incidents are features in this book which catalogues many examples of disasters being foretold.

Picture of Spontaneous Human Combustion book cover
The startling details of the first in-deep research for many years into the baffling mystery of spontaneous human combustion are revealed in this book.