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Marilyn French

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Marilyn French was a radical feminst author who believed that there was an imbalance which needed to be fixed.
Marilyn French was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States on November 21, 1929. She died on May 2, 2009, Manhattan, New York, United States. In 1951 Marilyn attained a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and English Literature. After supporting her husband for some time she received a Masers degree in English in 1964.
Marilyn went on to achieve a doctorate at Harvard and finally got her PH.D in 1972. Marilyn French was diagnosed with cancer in 1992. She overcome the cancer only to die in 2009 from a heart attack. The Bleeding Heart is her second novel.

Marilyn French Books

The Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart

Picture of The Bleeding Heart Book Cover

Book Review:

Marilyn French The Bleeding Heart
Two people meet and fall in love. They are in an alien place, another country, estranged from their home. They understand that their relationship is finite, but how do their hearts feel?

Book Condition:
A little bit worn but still a good copy
Sphere Paperback 1981 Reprint
Book Weight: 215g

ISBN 0722105746

Book Type:
Fiction Novel

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