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Maura Treacy

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Scenes From a Country Wedding

Scenes From a Country Wedding

Book Review:

The varied characters in Maura Treacy`s first novel are a testament of her ability as a writer. Pauline, youngest sister of bridegroom, Desi Heaslip,wanted by her boyfriend Kevin in a way completely alien to her mother`s understanding, Kal, the divorced sister,courted again by elusive Pat MacDenamin: cousin Father Gerry Costello, who finds his vocation crumbling: And the older age group, enjoying the air of freedom and ease against a background of neighbourly, gleeful, scandal-mongering.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Poolbeg Paperback 1981
Book Weight: 127g

ISBN 0905169506
Book Type:
Irish Fiction

Maura Treacy Books


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