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Robert Ardrey was born in Chicago on October 16, 1908 and died in Kalkh Africa Bay, South Africa on January 14, 1980. Robert Ardrey was an American playwrite and novelist who had trained in anthropology. Ardrey returned to anthropology after his successes in drama. He would be influential. along with Desmond Morris, in making anthropology more popular with the general public, and in convincing academia that turning to carnivoir habits was instrumental in the survival of the species. The Territorial Imperative is Ardrey's follow up to African Genesis. Robert Ardrey's works have been cited as a major influence on the screenplay for the original Straw Dogs film.

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The Territorial Imperative

The Territorial Imperative

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This is a synopsis of a very broad subject. Biology has been simplified and brought to the readership of the general public without losing of its immense complexity or wonder.

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Some wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Fontana Paperback 1969 Reprint
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