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Robertson Davies

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Robertson Davies was born on August 28, 1913 in Thamesville, Chatham-Kent in Canada. He died on December 2, 1995 in Orangesville, Canada. The Rebel Angels is the first book of The Cornish Trilogy.

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The Rebel Angels

The Rebel Angels

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Book Review:

The University of St.John and the Holy Ghost (Spook) is jolted out of its crabbed and scholarly pursuits by the return to its Gothic walls of the evil, brilliant Brother Parlabane and by the miraculous discovery of an unpublishen manuscript by Rabelais. A glittering extravaganza od wit, scatology, saturnalia, mysticism and erudite vaudville.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and browning to edges otherwise Good Reader
Penguin Paperback 1983 Reprint
Book Weight: 252g

ISBN 0140118608

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