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Science books cover a myriad of categories.

Here we have books on General Science, Natural Science, Physics and Space Exploration.

General Science is exemplified by the mastery of Martin Gardner's The Sacred Beetle.

Gardner brings us through he many channels of science and science writing and delivers a majestic overview of what is already a majestic subject.

Natural Science includes the brave re-writing of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.
This is Almost Like a Whale by Steve Jones.

Physics brings Richard P Feynman and Stephen Hawking to the fore.
And lastly Space Exploration features a book about the trip to the moon, and a book about Star Wars.

This is not to say that the other authors are any lesser than those picked out in any way.
Far from it, they are all exemplary writers with really good ideas. The authors noted are probably the most famous.
This is just a snapshot of all the wonderful authors writing about a fascinating subject.
It is a subject that will be increasing in size over the next while as I seek out more books.

Science Books by the following authors
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Science Subjects

General Science

Picture of Impossibility

Impossibility by John D Barrow

Barrow looks at what is possible to know and what is impossible to know and why.

Picture of A Short History of Nearly Everything

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson travels in time and space to try and explain just about everything in a way that we all can understand.

Picture of What is This Thing Called Science?
What is This Thing Called Science? by A F Chalmers

This is an elementary introduction to the philosophy of science.

Picture of The Sacred Beetle
The Sacred Beetle by Martin Gardner

From Darwin on evolution to Einstein on relativity, covering subjects as diverse as science and literature, the sea, the laws of physics, the beautiful woman, logic, the bee, and the moon, this is a lively and lucid collection of essays by thirty-two leading interpreters of science.
Picture of Science of the X-Files

Science of the X-Files by Michael White

The Science of the X Files looks at the real science behind the weird world of the paranormal, and shows how unbelievable things can remain within the limits of science.

Natural Science

Picture of Vision of Glory
Vision of Glory by John Stewart Collis

The Vision of Glory is a unique examination of natural phenomena, of the interconnectedness of things.

Picture of River Out of Eden
River Out of Eden by Richard Dawkins

A Darwinian View of Life.
If you are confused about evolution there is no better book than this one to guide you through evolution with ease.

Picture of Almost Like a Whale
Almost Like a Whale by Steve Jones

An updating and approval of Darwin's case, taking into account recent discoveries which reaffirm evolution.

Picture of Mystery Dance
Mystery Dance by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan

The evolution of our sexual characteristics is revealed and examined here in great detail.

Picture of Emperor's New Mind
Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose

Arguing against artificial intelligence, and exploring the mysteries of the mind and consciousness, Roger Penrose takes the reader on the most engaging and creative tour of modern physics, cosmology, mathematics and philosophy that has ever been written.

Picture of Sync
Sync by Steven Strogatz

The theory that everything in nature tries to steer towards self-organisation or equillibrium is expounded here with clarity and vision. Complexity theory made simple.


Picture of Q.E.D The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
Q.E.D The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard P Feynman

Physics Nobelist Feynman, simply cannot help being original.
In this quirky, fascinating book he explains the quantum theory of light, a theory to which he made decisive contributions.

Picture of Quarks
Quarks - The Stuff of Nature by Harald Fritzsch

Written in completely jargon-free language, this fascinating and informed book describes the state of research in quarks and elementary particle physics.

Picture of Impossibility
Faster by James Gleick

Faster dissects with acute insight and mordant wit, our unceasing struggle to squeeze as much out of the time we have, and never quite seem to get enough.

Picture of A Brief History of Time
A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

This book takes us from the theories of the Cosmos, from Newton to Einstein and reveals the still unknown facets of space and time.

Space Exploration

Picture of First Man book cover
Neil Armstrong by James R Hansen

This book tells the unknown story behind the man who uttered the famous words as he became the first person to walk on the moon.

Picture of Star Wars
Star Wars by E P Thompson

This book assesses all the arguments fully and proceeds to make a case against Star Wars technology.