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Running With the Demon

Terry Brooks

Picture of Terry Brooks Terry Brooks was born on January 8, 1944, in Sterling. Illinois, USA.

In high school, Terry Brooks would write science fiction and fantasy stories along with some non-fiction.

When he read The Lord of the Rings he decided that this was the genre for him.

Running With the Demon is the first novel in the Word and the Void trilogy.

Running With the Demon

Picture of Running With the Demon Cover Book Review:

Terry Brooks - Running With the Demon

Two men come to Hopewell. One to defend it and the other to finish it off.
While the Fourth of July celebrations are being held a desperate battle to decide the future of the town and of humanity itself is also to take place.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to Dust Wrapper otherwise Good Copy
Orbit Hardback 1997 1st Edition
Book Weight: 712g
ISBN 1857235746
Book Type: Fantasy Fiction Series: Word and the Void 1

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