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Poetry About Life

"All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelngs".
William Wordsworth.(Preface to Lyrical Ballads)

"A poem is the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth".
P B Shelley.(A Defence of Poetry 1821)

Poetry Books by the following authors
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Picture of Frances Astor
Frances Astor
One-Song and other Works
Witty use of words to describe environmental concerns and human follies. Contains examples of her work as a painter and photographer.

Picture of Pam Ayres
Pam Ayres
Some Of Me Poetry
Pam Ayres is efforvescent, ready to burst with enthusiasm for life. She enjoys the everyday things we pass over.

Picture of John Betjeman
John Betjeman
Continual Dew
Containing the much maligned poem SLOUGH this book of poems has also been called a Little book of bourgeois poetry. It also includes the poem `The Arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel'

Picture of Francis Brabazon
Francis Brabazon
The East-West Gathering
This is Francis Brabazon's tribute to Meher Baba who was a major influence on his life.

Picture of Raymond Carver
Raymond Carver
Fires is the best introduction to the full range and humanity of Carver`s writing.

Picture of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Golden Book of Coleridge
A collection of poetry and drama in the Everyman's Library

Picture of Mick Delap
Mick Delap
River Turning Tidal
River Turning Tidal is a book of poems about belonging and about family and all the stresses that are implied there

Picture of Paul Durcan
Paul Durcan
Crazy About Women
This book is Paul Duncan`s response to the invitation by the National Gallery of Ireland to write poems about the collection of paintings at the gallery. Daddy, Daddy
A collection of poetry on subjects such as politics, literature and relationships.

Picture of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy
Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy was writing poetry before he started to write fiction and long after he finished with fiction. This is a selection of his shorter poems with some notes.

Picture of Fireside Book 1991 cover
David Hope
The Fireside Book of David Hope 1991
A picture and a poem for every mood. There are very many poems by real people to warm you and to revive you.

Picture of In Praise of Warmth book cover
Richard Kell
In Praise of Warmth
This is a collection of poetry from one of the finest poets to come out of Ireland.

Picture of Oneiros cover
William Kennedy
Humerous and astute poems and drawings by a budding author.

Picture of Curlews book cover
Temple Lane
Her second book of poems deals with such subjects as country life, living on a farm as a poor farmer, a civil servant and many more.

Picture of Angling Cot book cover
John Liddy
Angling Cot
John Liddy was born in Cork but now lives inb Spain. This is one of his most renown collection of poems.

Picture of Night Parrott book cover
Clarinda Harriss Lott
Night Parrott
THE NIGHT PARROT is Clarinda Harriss Lott`s second book of poetry. Clarinda teaches writing in Towson State University in Baltimore.She also directs and edits a small press dedicated to publishing first books by exceptional poets.

Picture of John Masefield
John Masefield
Daffodil Fields
John Masefield is considered one of the most influential poets of the twentieth century. This is one of his earliest poems, published first in the English Review for 1912 but reprinted in book form first here in 1913.

Picture of Wordsworth Book of Love Poetry book cover
Ella Masson
Wordsworth Book of Love Poetry
Jealousy, desire, seduction, unrequited love, lost love, first love and last love are all covered here. Famous and not so famous poets are featured.

Picture of Aine Miller
Aine Miller
Goldfish in a Baby Bath
This collection won Aine the 1992 Patrick Kavanagh Award. In this collection Aine manages to pick out the unusual from the very usual, making discoveries that will surprise you.

Picture of Fintan Murph
Fintan Murphy
Quintet 5
Forty poems by five very accomplished poets.

Picture of John Julius Norwich
John Julius Norwich
Christmas Crackers
This is a selection of rarities. A collection of prose and poetry to warm your heart and challenge your mind.

Picture of Journeys_in_Stillness book cover
Raymond P Phelan
Journeys in Stillness
Poems with a spiritual flavour.

Picture of Extended Wings 2 book cover
Rathmines Writers
Extended Wings 2
A collection of poetry on various subjects and an appreciation on John Betjeman.
Extended Wings 4
A collection of poems from the Rathmines Writers dealing with all manner of subjects from nature to mottice locks.

Picture of Eithne Strong
Eithne Strong
Flesh - The Greatest Sin
Eithne Strong writes from her experience as a woman and also of someone who is removed from the ordinariness of day to day hum drum life.

Picture of Tomas Transtromer
Tomas Transtromer
Night Vision
A Swedish poet, Transtromer has kept the feel of the country in his poems. He retains the essence of the outside without alienating his audience.

Picture of Macdara Woods
Macdara Woods
Notes From the Countries of Blood-Red Flowers
Macdara Woods iterates a world of hard realities interspersed only occasionally with brief 'consolations'.

Picture of David Wright
David Wright
Penguin Paperback 1973 Some creasing and wear to covers and browning to edges Good Reading Copy 80g